About me

The Basics

How it all started...

Hey! Welcome to Layered! My name is Anisha Nanda. I am 15 years old and am from Virginia, USA. I have always loved baking so much, but during this recent quarantine time, I have really found a deep passion for it! I have a little brother, do competitive gymnastics, am part of DECA at my school, and love to travel!

How did Layered even start?! It started in October 2019 when I began going to a highly selective business class held by my local Chamber of Commerce. I worked on ideating a business for months, and spent long nights of constantly thinking about this business. Fast forward to April 2020, when the class hosted an investor panel where I pitched Layered to a panel of investors. I recieved 2nd place and an investment of $1,000! Since then, I have been working on growing an Instagram following and perfecting my baking technique! I can't wait to keep expanding this business, meeting people, and learning new things!

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